December 2011

India mobile use

Arrived to Delhi and can’t help but notice how many people are on their phones everywhere. Noticed a lot of people with smartphones as well.

Check out some figures about India’s internet use here.

‘what i believe’ a spontaneous album

what i believe [ti_audio media=”182″]
flow like wine [ti_audio media=”183″]
positive interaction [ti_audio media=”184″]
workhorses die young [ti_audio media=”185″]

‘what i believe’ was recorded and created today (12/1/11) in the span of an hour at my room in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is an attempt at understanding the sub-councious or ‘unconscious’ mind. I believe that allowing our thoughts to spill out without any filter or desired outcome can bring about interesting things. The songs were recorded on my laptop and the guitar and singing were created as it went on… a flow. They are raw, unedited, unscripted songs.

The 4 song album was ultimately created because I decided it was unsafe for me to go outside. Last night while walking to get something to eat and guy came up to me, threatened me for my life, claiming to be a ‘street gangster’. He was pretty convincing..very convincing. I gave him what I had (equivalent of $5 usd) and was lucky enough to run away. Long story short, I was scared to go outside considering what had just happened. I stayed in all day until I could go to the airport and decided to do something productive.

The title ‘what i believe’ is a reflection to myself of what I was thinking in the moment of creating the songs. Apparently these topics were on my mind. The spontaneous songs are ultimately telling what I think and ‘what i believe’.

My time in Sri Lanka (past 3 months) has been characterized by several ‘experiences’ that I will remember forever (and feel fortunate to be able to remember).

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. If you decide to come to Sri Lanka, be sure to keep your head on a swivel and always know where you are going…