February 2012

Two Acoustic Melodies

Over the past year I’ve been making quite a few songs. Here are two songs that I’ve decided to post online…more will make their way online.

‘My Impact’ – A song I made during my time in Australia. It explores the current fractures and lack of friendly interactions in our modern day cities. I just so happened to create it during my stay in Australia, it does NOT target Aussies specifically, but is an overview of our modern civilization and city life. It is titled ‘My Impact’ because I believe that every individual has the opportunity to change the social environment as a whole by being friendly on a daily basis.

‘Keep it Simple’ – Created in San Diego after traveling. This song is clearly about living simply. Living with fewer things. Fewer purchases. Etc, etc. It can be overwhelming coming back home to a culture where buying things is not only a catalyst for economic growth, but for personal satisfaction and societal acceptance. Although the song may be considered a bit idealistic, it is an attempt for people to think about what they buy, why they buy it, and what they actually need in life.

The Passion of Pursuit

The passion of pursuit is the desire to know something that you’ve never known before. It is the kernal of life, the true desire to create, manipulate, and destroy. We have thoughts in order to make order of the things we will never be able to put in order. Of course, this order I speak of is destiny; the almost infinite space that creates our reality, our course, and our lives.

It is a willingness to place oneself in situations that have never occurred, situations that theoretically, don’t exist. It is the desire to pursue the unknown, pursue something that does not yet have an atom or cell attached to it. It is the innate characteristic of all beings, whether human, or ‘animal’. Animals pursue life, so do we. We all are born, we all die. These are the two things that we can only determine as life. What happens in between is theoretical, it does not exist in the realm of reality and justifications. The passion of pursuit. You may as well pursue your passions, and make your passion the pursuit.