March 2012

This square is a circle.

‘This square is a circle.’

A representation of transition and thought. We box ourselves in to ultimately reach and achieve action and thought ‘flow‘. Sometimes it is a requirement to limit yourself, to ‘box’ yourself in. I like to call it ‘putting your blinders on’. Just as horses need to be able to focus on what is in front of them, we need to do the same at points in our lives, but must ultimately cater to our unique perception and vision as represented by the circle.

This graphic represents the necessity to create boxes, or ‘frameworks’ in which our vision is limited. The successful result of limiting distraction allows for the creation of something new…in this case represented by the circle. The circle demonstrates one’s ability to achieve a goal, to ‘hit the target’. With the right amount of focus, we are able to not only create the target, but achieve success as we define it.

The many linkages behind the circle demonstrate our ability to utilize our past and present successes to other potential successes that we realize. One success leads to another, and so on.

The more successes we create and achieve, the more infinite the opportunity to create, learn, and develop as an individual and visionary. A healthy ‘spider web of vision and success’ requires a certain degree of blindness, and a balance of focus. I imagine the iris of the eye expanding and shrinking on the beautiful canvas of the color of our eyes (our unique perspective).

The squares are the building blocks of our objectives, a paradox when considering if our eyes were square our vision would be limited. If Our Eyes Were Square