January 2014

White noise creates a colorful mind

I’m currently a few hundred feet away from the ocean surrounded by trees that inhabit a number of interesting creatures…howler monkeys, the occasional toucan, iguanas, squirrels, and insects. One of these insects is called a ‘Chicharra’, commonly known in English as a Cicada (which you’ll hear below).

This place is alive. It is full of life, and sound.

You’ve just listened to tens of thousands, if not even more, insects and creatures creating a symphony of sound. To me, it’s a gold mine of sound. A place that can enable thought to flow freely, and without limit or negative intrusion.

The sounds around me remind me of the setting on an alarm clock that lulls you to sleep, or a soundtrack a spa might have before you get a massage.

This place has me wondering…what is it about constant sound that could make us feel comfortable, focused, and relaxed?

Often times when we think of constant sounds, it is intrusive. One could imagine a jack hammer, or the sounds of a freeway. There seems to be a certain breaking point where mechanical white noise is just aggravating.

So what happens when it’s ‘natural’ white noise? When there is a constant mixture of sounds that makes you feel good?

I think it lies in the complexity of the constant sound. The sounds are very persistent, but come in different forms and variations.

These slight variations create opportunity for our mind to feel at ease. It makes the sound less piercing and more soothing, much like a massage for your brain.

For me, these sounds provide an additional ‘pillow’ of omnipresent frequencies and melodies that enables me both rest my head, and think freely and clearly.

Where do you go for sounds that enable you to create, think, and learn?


Color Full of Imagination

First Surf Dominical, Costa Rica

What if all the color we see was just our imagination?

Walking to Playa Dominical, Costa Rica

What colors would you focus on?

Under the ocean

What colors would you create?

In a place like Costa Rica, it is easy to be stimulated just by looking around.

The vibrant colors captivate you and provide a buffet of all-you-can-see.

Removing the color of our experience provides a look into the depth of our color full imagination.