October 2014

Use your illogical

There is no explanation for what you are doing. What you are feeling. Why you are where you are.

Why do you love mint chocolate chip more than almond butter?

Why do you walk faster when you have nothing to do?

Why do you second guess decisions when you will never know the exact future outcome?

These are all gifts.

Unimaginable possibilities that have no certain truth.

Platforms of potential that could never be characterized by a meaning, a value, a place, a thing. The only thing that could be of this, is nothing. Nothing at all that can be defined in your nearest dictionary.

Be illogical.

Dare to believe that there is a thing that you cannot understand. That there is a state of mind that has not a foundation or a purpose resting upon it, other than to be misinterpreted…To be disillusioned by design.

It’s ok to not know the answer.

Matter of fact, it’s better than pretending you know.

Use your illogical.

– Greg