I love photography

We look at things all day. We gain a better understanding of another person’s perspective through photography. We have an endless amount of social photography tools to share our perspective: instagram, facebook, among several others. It is an exciting time to explore and share our perspectives. Below you’ll find a photo I took a few days […]

Hi, my name is Greg

As you can see above, I cut my hair and beard. The past year and a half provided a social experience that proved to be unbelievably insightful, surprising, and humbling. This social experience I speak of is not just about the places I traveled, but also the impact of having a big beard and long […]

Let Birds Be Birds

A few days ago while walking and talking with my friend Nick I suddenly heard a loud swooooshhhh as something passed by. I looked up, and to my surprise, a hawk appeared in the sky. We walked over to take a look as it was perched on the fence of the baseball field. I looked […]

Gutenberg’s Printing Press

Gutenberg’s Printing Press

Johannes Gutenberg invented the Gutenberg printing press, a device that would ultimately lead to the vast dissemination of written works around Europe and the rest of the world. Many people credit Gutenberg’s invention to be one of the primary catalysts for what came to be known as the Renaissance. Below are photos of a replica […]

India mobile use

Arrived to Delhi and can’t help but notice how many people are on their phones everywhere. Noticed a lot of people with smartphones as well. Check out some figures about India’s internet use here.

The price we pay for theoretical education.

In today’s world, theoretical education is arguably the most highly regarded institution in the world, aside from religion of course. We take out loans large enough to buy homes to purchase theories on everything. This is not to say that all education should be valued equally. The progress of science/engineering through education is undoubtedly valuable; […]

If Our Eyes Were Square

Perspective is everything. It is how we understand and create the world around us. For those of us that can see, our eyes provide the visual stimulus to create our holistic understanding of everything we do in life. As we utilize technology more and more in our daily lives, our perspective of the world will […]

Technology + Freedom

Freedom of the press applies to everyone — yes, even bloggers — Tech News and Analysis. Click the link to check out an article about our freedoms and rights to use technology in public space. I personally believe that if we can see it with our eyes, we can see and record it with our […]