SPOT lets you see your transaction history with photos and logos. It makes it very easy to track your spending. You can quickly scan your purchases visually. If a photo or logo comes up that you are unfamiliar with, you’ll see it immediately. This allows you to catch fraudulent charges, for example.

A view of your week/month/year spending makes it easy to see where your money is going. Keep tabs on spending with a weekly notification to scan through your purchase history. I need this because looking at a bunch of text with codes in my bank transactions just doesn’t work for me. This is my solution. An image is worth a thousand words, right?

Technology: Use to get secure transaction history. Plus into Yelp API, Google Places API, etc to gather images and logos (maybe clearbit as well). Have ideas/interest? Send me a message via twitter (@albrittongreg) or via contact page on this site.