Greatest of work

Throughout the day, many of us have the opportunity to receive acts of greatness. They come in many forms, and I call them lily pads.
Walking down the sidewalk, there was a construction crew working with asphalt, cement, and trucks. As I walked by, I said “hi” to one of the crew members. The response was incredible, an act of greatness.
The man looked over, smiled and gave a big “hi”. What does a big “hi” look like? I think you probably know. It goes well beyond words and is full of genuine pleasure. It is a real gift when it can be fully received.
This man was working on the road in which we drive, in the middle of his work, carrying something in his arms, and he had the ability to smile big and share a great “hi”. This is the most humble gesture one can do. It is a gift that continues to give. The message I felt from him was, “Let the greatest of work be done with a smile.”
There is a ‘lily pad workforce’ all around us. We may be at the grocery store, at a restaurant, or simply walking down the street when an individual brings great joy to us. When you can cherish these events and the individuals involved, recognize them as “lily pad hotspots of genuine love”. When in need, imagine yourself jumping from those lily pads and give yourself the genuine love you deserve. It will serve you throughout your day.
Be like a frog, bask in the sun on those lily pads, and you will find more and more.

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