Previous: Director of Marketing & Community at Pixite.

During my time at Pixite we launched three new AppStore featured apps, built an internal Instagram management platform (increased followers across multiple channels), developed an open source photo community (CC0) with both in app integration and website accessibility, created a live action and photo-based visual analytics tool, and made a sentiment analysis tool for understanding what hashtags influenced our community.

Apple-featured app vector design tool: Assemblyapp.co – graphic design for everyone.

The seven app ecosystem is designed to empower people to create art and easily change from one app to another. We’ve also developed the first mobile artist focused free to use content platform called PixiteSource.com – Source is in Assembly, Union, Fragment, Matter, Tangent, and Shift. Source supports people’s creativity with weekly updated content like photos, overlays, and textures.

Find more info about all of our apps here – PixiteApps.com