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stop your spinning wheels

stop your spinning wheels from Greg Albritton on Vimeo.

stop your spinning wheels.
let your mind walk freely.

the great paradox of time;

the slower you go,
the more you see.

it’s ok to wonder.
it’s ok to dream.

stop spinning your wheels,
and take a walk with me.

filmed: costa rica
camera: gopro 3+
music: elias fanni

i wrote these lines down in the past few months while traveling. to me, this video provides a certain medicine for personal space and thought.

this film can be experienced as not only an oasis of relaxation, but also an opportunity for one to look around and reflect upon the speed at which they are physically and psychologically moving.

time is not fungible. it cannot be traded for another time. slowing your time down permits not only a meditative state, but an opportunity to see things in a new light. respect your vision by maintaining a rhythm that brings new epiphanies from moments.

Color Full of Imagination

First Surf Dominical, Costa Rica

What if all the color we see was just our imagination?

Walking to Playa Dominical, Costa Rica

What colors would you focus on?

Under the ocean

What colors would you create?

In a place like Costa Rica, it is easy to be stimulated just by looking around.

The vibrant colors captivate you and provide a buffet of all-you-can-see.

Removing the color of our experience provides a look into the depth of our color full imagination. 

Costa Rica

I’ve made my way back to beautiful Costa Rica, visiting friends and working on Autentico Adventures. It is amazing (almost surreal) to be instantly immersed in Spanish and surrounded by rainforest. Autentico Adventures has big plans for the future, I’m excited to see some great things happen this year and the many years to come.

Take a look at some of the photos I recently took on a trip out to Piedras Blancas, the village in which we offer homestays and a number of activities (hiking, waterfall rappelling, cave exploration, sugarcane production, homemade cheese making). Costa Rica is truly a place of ‘pura vida’, or ‘pure life’ in English.

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