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A Drop of Inspiration

Buy products that give more than materials.

Buy products and use services that give more than materials.

I’m writing this post using Dragon Dictate voice to text software. My arms are irritated from too much use on the computer, guitar, piano…so I decided to invest in a speech to text program. It really is amazing to be able to speak and see the text appear before your eyes on your personal computer.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about a voice to text program when a picture of a Hall’s wrapper is placed at the beginning of this blog post.

Sometimes things don’t seem to work out as planned. We experience a few days where it can feel like something is out to get us. This doesn’t necessarily involve serious things, or things that we will overcome in a short amount of time, but we all experience a few days where things seem to stack on one another.

These cycles can last for an extended duration of time depending upon external factors like physical health, financial tension, among other things. Our perception of the movement of things, whether they be physical or theoretical, depends upon our mental framework. This framework, either positive or negative in nature, creates a self perpetuating feedback loop that can determine or alter our future.

When we allow a negative framework to overrun our perception of reality, a few things tend to happen.

  • We forget about what we are seeking.
  • We forget about what we have accomplished.
  • We lose sight of what could be determined as our insight.

In speaking with my older brother Jeff (who works primarily with elderly patients in need of physical therapy), he says that the outlook of the individual will often determine the success of their treatment.

Like many people across the nation, I had a cough so I purchased some cough drops.  I happened to purchase Hall’s cough drops.

I grabbed a cough drop, opened it up, and recognized the messaging on the wrapper. It spoke to me.  It spoke to me not only because of the positive messages on the wrapper, but also because it made me realize that the best purchase we can make is a purchase that can inspire us to create and move forward.

Instilling positivity in oneself and those around you may be one of the most important things we can contribute. I hope this ‘drop of inspiration’ can inspire you through times of uncertainty.

– Greg

P.S. – I spoke (wrote) this a few weeks ago, I’m happy to say my arms feel better and I’m no longer experiencing a cold!